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We love our people, but we also care about the world. That’s why we invest money in charity. Below our beautiful investment project:

Trilink Dynamics believe in the importance of empowering youth. Since 2009 we have actively participated in participating and sponsoring the SPICE4LIFE YOUTH ACADEMY whereby children in Dunoon have had the opportunity to play and thrive through the game of soccer. Circumstances should never dictate potential and that is why we continue to find ways to make these children’s dreams come true.

The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy is a non-profit that uses sport as a point of entry to connect and interact with children from underprivileged communities and address grass root issues while giving them fun, happy moments through being able to play, as children should.


There are a total of 300 boys and girls who are hoping and praying that a small kindness will be extended their way so that their dream of participating in something that provides them with hope for a brighter future can become a reality. The SPICE4LIFE Youth Academy is looking for sponsorship and funding to keep this initiative alive, and provides many opportunities for companies and individuals alike to get involved.
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Where there is faith, there is hope and where there is hope there can be happiness. It has been our honour to support Pastor Desmond Jacobs on his life long mission to inspire faith and hope and joy in his community.