Trilink Dynamics

Social Investments

At Trilink Dynamics we believe in the importance of being a community and actively helping those within our communities that are in need of help. That is why we invest into mobilising real change by supporting the charities The Dunoon Youth Development Sport Centre and ChangeMakers Hub


We are a proud supporter of ChangemakersHub, a PBO that provides humanitarian aid, disaster relief, community development, and the support of fellow non-profit organisations. Their website helps market nonprofit organisations doing much-needed work within the Sustainable Development Goal categories, and the StartARipple blog informs and empowers. 

Through lockdown, their network reached out with very specific needs. Trilink assisted by providing them with an “On the Move” vehicle, which could help them distribute food, PPE, and other necessary goods to vulnerable communities in need. 

We are very proud to be an ongoing support of this ChangeMaking organisation that helped serve over a million people in need, and we are very grateful to many of our clients who stepped forward to offer what they could to be of assistance.  

Besides the ongoing food and poverty relief programmes,  ChangeMakersHub has made it their mission to walk the talk on the road to Impact 2030 by taking the immediate action needed to free our people and planet from the harmful effects of mismanaged plastic waste.

Empowering Children

Sport is not always accessible to children from vulnerable communities. But it should be. Soccer is very popular and a healthy and fun way to care for children of all ages.

Through the Youth Academy we have been able to assist with providing the necessary resources to practice soccer, play in local LFA tournaments and the soon a handful of children became 300.

Our donation of a 22 seater bus assists the Dunoon Youth Development Sport Centre’s young talent to broaden their horizons with away games and special events.

Get Involved

ChangeMakersHub partner to fill the gap on projects that create sustainable circular economies with social and economic empowerment.

Sponsorships of food and resources are always needed and ChangeMakersHub provide many opportunities for companies and individuals alike to get involved in their communities with section18a certificates for donations.

Join us in making a difference.

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